Posted by: macstevejb | February 7, 2010


Wow! here we are again, a new year and I am resolved to blog, both more and frequently. My apologies for allowing this blog to remain dormant for the past couple of years.

I have also determined to become more pro-active with Linux advocacy, with a firm commitment to bring as many people over to Linux and the philosophy of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) as I can.

As far as my own preferences go, I like to use Debian based systems, with my distribution of choice being Ubuntu ( the latest incarnation being 9.10 “Karmic Koala”). Ubuntu has come a long way in recent years and is surely the most popular of all the distributions (distros) available today. It would certainly be my recommendation to new users to Linux, not only because of it’s ease of installation but also the tremendous choice and depth of available software.

I have dabbled with Linux since around 1999 and even now I do tend to distro-hop, having tried, amongst others: Fedora, Open Suse, Mandriva, Mepis, Puppy Linux and Arch Linux. However, I always seems to drift back to Ubuntu, it just works for me and I prefer the apt-get method of package and software management. I just cant seem to get along with RPM (Redhat Package Management) that distibutions such as Fedora and Open Suse use.

Ubuntu’s hardware detection is second-to-none, most hardware configurations being detected automatically without the tiresome need for finding and installing additional drivers.

For those requiring more flair in the way that the window manger displays and performs, there is Compiz-Fusion which will add all sorts of 3D effects and enhancements to your desktop experience.

I had, until approximately six months ago, dual-booted with the XP windows operating system but ultimately decided to bite the bullet and remove all Microsoft software from my system. I haven’t looked back since, no more rebooting each and every time new software is installed, no more crashes or corruption, no more viruses and no more BSOD’s. Do I miss all that do you think?

As far as window managers are concerned, I lean towards Gnome but have been known to use KDE, Fluxbox and XFCE. I have to admit that I am a bit of a traditionalist as far as my choice of WM’s go although I have to say that KDE has improved considerably in recent years with KDE4 looking very good.

In April, the next iteration of Ubuntu will be released, there being a six-month release cycle in this respect. The new v10.04 “Lucid Lynx” will be the next LTS (Long-Term Support) version. Undoubtedly, when ready, it will come with many improvements and enhancements,already in development and testing. I look forward to upgrading my system when the time comes.

Well that’s all for now folks! I promise to return soon with more news and views.

Watch this space!



  1. I started in Ubuntu and enjoyed it very much on my own machine, but was hugely embarrassed by its performance (more accurately, the lack thereof) on my friends’ computers when I tried to share it with them.

    I don’t recommend Ubuntu to new Linux users anymore, since the developers began to include experimental Beta software (like the Grub2 boot loader and PulseAudio) in their “ready” releases. When they work, they’re great. But when they don’t they send newbies fleeing back to Windows.

    It’s unconscionable to put Beta software as default in a distro that claims to be “beginner friendly.” Newbies are not to be treated as laboratory rats, used to test new software! Newbies need a rock-stable, widely and thoroughly tested distro that doesn’t default to troublesome software that gives even experienced Linux users headaches.

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